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[102] It was the first time since 1987 that the G7 summit in Italy was not hosted by Silvio Berlusconi. [88][89], After the rejection of the constitutional reform, the Parliament had to change the electoral law proposed by Renzi's government; in fact the so-called Italicum regulates only the election of the Chamber of Deputies, and not the one of the Senate, which, if the reform passed, would be indirectly elected by citizens. Gentiloni ottimista, ma dei soldi europei non si vede nemmeno l'ombra. Centrodestra prima coalizione. [25] Rutelli was reelected in 1997, with 985,000 popular votes, the highest share in the history of the City. He was one of the 45 members of the national founding committee of the Democratic Party in 2007, formed by the union of the democratic socialists Democrats of the Left and the Christian leftist The Daisy. India to host Italian PM Paolo Gentiloni, first in a decade 14 Oct, 2017, 08.25 AM IST. Paolo Gentiloni, commissario dell’Unione Europea agli Affari economici – meteoweek.com. Paolo Gentiloni: “I debiti non si cancellano”. In realtà sarebbe il capitano che parla, descrivendo la nave, ma è chiaro … continua a leggere →, Quasi vent’anni fa, quando avevamo più o meno vent’anni, non era stato difficile scegliere e decidere che no, Berlusconi no. [77], In March 2018, the unemployment rate was around 11%, lower than the previous years, and the percentage of unemployed young people was the lowest since 2011, at 31.7%. [3][4], Gentiloni is a founding member of the Democratic Party, of which he became President from March 2019 to February 2020. Paolo Gentiloni has reluctantly become the new Italian prime minister after Matteo Renzi stepped down following referendum defeat last week. [52][53] The Egyptian police was strongly suspected of involvement in his murder in Europe,[54] although Egypt's media and government deny this, alleging secret undercover agents belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt carried out the crime in order to embarrass the Egyptian government and destabilize relations between Italy and Egypt.[55][56]. He especially attacked the new Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, condemning his far-right policies regarding immigration, Romani people, right of self-defense and gun laws. [31] The reform provided, between other things, the reduction of advertising. "La commissione è pronta al dialogo, appena ci verrà trasmesso, ma il dialogo è già cominciato - spiega -, stiamo parlando con le … Lunedì la squadra", "Governo, Denis Verdini si sfila: "No fiducia a governo fotocopia, "Governo, Gentiloni ha la fiducia della Camera", "Governo Gentiloni, fiducia al Senato con 169 "sì". [10], Gentiloni's foreign policy was characterized by a strong Europeanist stance; he also built up a series of close relations with the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, started an investments' policy toward Africa and normalized Italian relations with India after years of tensions. In linea con la politica di trasparenza della Commissione, i commissari e i loro gabinetti pubblicano informazioni sulle riunioni tenute con le organizzazioni professionali o i lavoratori autonomi su questioni riguardanti la definizione e l'attuazione delle politiche dell’UE: In January 2015, he negotiated the release of Vanessa Marzullo and Greta Ramelli, two Italian students and activists who had been held hostage by Syrian terrorists for 168 days. In the 2016 United Nations Security Council election, Gentiloni and his Dutch counterpart Bert Koenders agreed on splitting a two-year term on the United Nations Security Council after the United Nations General Assembly was deadlocked on whether to choose Italy or the Netherlands following five rounds of voting for the last remaining 2017–18 seat. [119] On 28 November he moved to Ivory Coast to participate at the EU–African Union summit. [155][156] These policies resulted in broad criticism from the left-wing Democrats and Progressives, PD's partners in the cabinet which later left the government's majority, as well as left-leaning intellectuals like Roberto Saviano and Gad Lerner. [120], On 28 December 2017 President Sergio Mattarella, after a meeting with Gentiloni, dissolved the Parliament, calling for new elections, which was held on March 4, 2018. Laura Kayali, Paola Tamma and Hans von der Burchard (April 9, 2020), High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, presidency of the Council of the European Union, 2016 United Nations Security Council election, List of official trips made by Paolo Gentiloni, EP's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, "Chi è Emanuela Mauro, la moglie di Paolo Gentiloni", "Gentiloni at EC economic affairs - sources - English", "Camera dei Deputati- Paolo Gentiloni Silveri", "Governo, Gentiloni accetta l'incarico di governo: "Un grande onore, "Primarie Pd, vince Zingaretti. Gentiloni announced last month at the Group of Seven he hosted in Sicily that Trump wasn't on board with the other participants in supporting the climate pact. [130][131], On 28 June 2018, during an interview to Lilli Gruber's Otto e mezzo, Gentiloni announced his intention to contribute the formation of a broad centre-left coalition, which was seen by many as an intention to run as next Prime Minister candidate for the centre-left. Lo vuole il Colle", "Elezioni, Prodi sceglie Insieme e investe Gentiloni: "Con lui Paese è più forte, "Renzi: "Schiero la squadra migliore: Gentiloni e tutti i ministri nei collegi, "Gentiloni a Renzi: "Il Pd ha tanti candidati premier". [28] From 2005 until 2006, he was Chairman of the Broadcasting Services Watchdog Committee; the committee oversees the activity of state broadcaster RAI, which is publicly funded. Conosci Paolo Gentiloni, il nuovo Presidente del Consiglio italiano? Some NGOs refused to sign the new code of conduct; Médecins Sans Frontières was the first charity to officially announce its 'no' to the code, saying that there were no conditions under which to sign. Presentate dal commissario Ue per l'Economia, Paolo Gentiloni, le nuove previsioni circa l'impatto del covid sull'economia in Italia e nell'Ue. Il 29 aprile 2010 è mancata all'affetto dei suoi cari la N.D. Chiara Gentiloni Silveri Fiore Affranti ne danno il triste annuncio il marito Mauro e l'adorato figlio Enrico con Chicca. [97], Paolo Gentiloni strongly supports European integration and a multi-speed Europe. [14], Gentiloni was born in Rome in 1954, during his childhood he attended a Montessori institute, where he became a friend of Agnese Moro, the daughter of Aldo Moro, a Christian democratic leader and Prime Minister. [43][44][45] On the same day Gentiloni stated that "Italy will not be intimidated" and would continue the fight against terrorism. [58] On the following day Gentiloni was officially sworn in as the new head of the government. [29] At the time of his appointment, Gentiloni had not been mentioned in political circles as a candidate. Il Pd spinge sul Rosatellum, ma i numeri in Senato restano incerti", "Legge elettorale, cosa prevede il 'Rosatellum, "Arriva il "Rosatellum", Renzi: a giugno la nuova legge elettorale", "Rosatellum 2.0, tutti i rischi del nuovo Patto del Nazareno", "Il patto a quattro Pd-Ap-Lega-Fi regge. Insomma, bene o male avevamo dei genitori, avevamo avuto dei nonni. [80] On 9 February, Gentiloni signed a similar deal with President of Tunisia Beji Caid Essebsi, to prevent the migration across the Mediterranean. Tra i giovani ai minimi dal 2011", "Italy and Ireland record the lowest unemployment in a decade", "Italy, Libya reach deal on halting migration ahead of EU summit", "Migranti: Alfano, domani accordo Tunisia - Africa", "Il decreto Minniti-Orlando sull'immigrazione è legge", "Migranti, codice Ong: Msf non firma. Common Good led by Pier Luigi Bersani, Secretary of the PD. Il racconto che non c’era, in attesa del sequel, Marcucci non è un cavallo di Troia. Paolo Gentiloni. They also signed six economic deals between the Italian Eni and the Russian Rosneft. [61], On 13 December his cabinet won a confidence vote in the Chamber of Deputies, with 368 votes for and 105 against, while the deputies of the Five Star Movement and the Lega Nord left the chamber. [123][124] Renzi had always denied these proposals stating that the electoral law did not require to appoint a candidate for Prime Minister and that he was elected secretary of the party with almost 70% of votes, thus due to the party's statute the candidate was him.[125][126]. Complessivamente, un po’ poco, a fronte di tanti messaggi contrari, a volte goffamente e inspiegabilmente contrari, trasmessi in queste prime ore: la nascita del nuovo governo è stata una specie di monumento all’autoreferenzialità. Paolo Gentiloni said Monday the Group of 20 meeting of major countries' leaders, on July 7-8 in Hamburg, Germany, would present the opportunity to lobby the U.S. administration. The two leaders discussed, among other things, about the March 2018 election in Italy. Primo ok al Rosatellum, martedì in Aula alla Camera", "Così la legge elettorale è diventata una questione di fiducia", "Rosatellum approvato alla Camera. Il ministro degli esteri, Paolo Gentiloni, all’indomani del voto della direzione sull’adesione al Pse scrisse questo commento per Europa. Crollo del Partito democratico. [23] During those years he became a close friend of Chicco Testa who helped Gentiloni to become director of La Nuova Ecologia ("The New Ecology"), the official newspaper of Legambiente. [30], As minister Gentiloni planned to reform the Italian television system, with the defeat of the Gasparri Law, the previous reform proposed by the centre-right lawmaker Maurizio Gasparri. Facebook. In this legislature he was a member of the Committee regarding Transport and Telecommunications. Il premier Paolo Gentiloni ha incontrato la sindaca Chiara Appendino in occasione della sua visita a Torino. Paolo Gentiloni ha sido el encargado de dar las malas noticias. Gentiloni was a professional journalist before entering politics. Laureato in Scienza Politica, negli anni ’70 è entrato nel Movimento Studentesco e successivamente nel Partito di Unità per il Comunismo. Paolo Gentiloni, stime Ue: crollo Pil Italia a -11,2% . [135], In August 2019 tensions grew within the populist government, leading to the issuing of a motion of no-confidence on Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte by the League. On 1 May 2017, he went to Kuwait, where he had bilateral meetings with the Emir Sabah al-Ahmad and the crown prince Nawaf Al-Ahmad; later the premier visited the Italian soldiers stationed in Kuwait as part of the anti-ISIL coalition. [86], In December 2017, the Gentiloni announced the peacekeeping mission which consists in the sending of 450 soldiers in Niger, to help the local forces in the fight against migrants' traffickers and Islamic terrorism. Press release 3 December 2020. [95], Despite many protests from the Five Star Movement and the Democratic and Progressive Movement, which accused Renzi and Gentiloni to have used the confidence vote in order to approve the law,[96] on 12 October the electoral law was approved by the Chamber of Deputies with 375 votes in favor and 215 against. Nella Commissione Juncker gli ex premier erano 4, mentre le donne erano 9 su 28. Nei primi sette mesi 2018 interscambio con l'Italia in calo del 7,6%", "Gentiloni a Pechino per rilanciare la "Via della Seta, "Gentiloni in Cina: "L'Italia può essere protagonista della nuova Via della seta, "Gentiloni, Putin e i sei accordi di Sochi", "L'intervento del Presidente Gentiloni in Assemblea Generale Onu", "India can become a key market for Italian machinery makers". “Siamo fra i maggiori beneficiari nei programmi varati in queste settimane. [59], He led a coalition government supported by his own Democratic Party and the Christian democratic Popular Area, composed of the New Centre-Right and the Centrists for Italy. Paolo Gentiloni - Economia. Il veto di Ungheria e Polonia va superato, bisogna andare avanti con il recovery plan … With this law, living will has become legal in Italy. No accordicchi, governo di svolta, "Conte wins crucial support for new Italian govt coalition", "Il Presidente Mattarella ha conferito l'incarico al Prof. Conte di formare il Governo", "Il giorno di Gentiloni, i ruoli Ue in mano al Partito democratico", Ue, Gentiloni lascia scranno Camera. [112] After some years of tensions due to the 2012 Enrica Lexie case, in which two Italian marines were arrested for killing two fishermen in Kerala, the two countries revived normal relations. [41], In March 2015 Gentiloni visited Mexico and Cuba and met Cuban President Raúl Castro, ensuring the Italian support for the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States. [108] Gentiloni stated that "Italy can be a key protagonist in this great operation: it is a great opportunity for us and my presence here means how much we consider it important. [79], A major problem faced by Gentiloni upon becoming Prime Minister in 2016 was the high levels of illegal immigration to Italy. "Fiducioso". [60] Meanwhile, the centrist Liberal Popular Alliance (ALA), led by Denis Verdini, did not support the new cabinet because no member of the ALA was appointed as a minister. Sono alcune delle priorità indicate dal commissario europeo all’Economia Paolo Gentiloni. "Supereremo veti sul Recovery" Paolo Gentiloni a Mezz’ora in più: “Italia semplifichi procedure per spendere i fondi europei”. Twitter. Ue, Paolo Gentiloni bacchetta l'Italia: "La Manovra è senza coperture" L'Italia è sotto stretta osservazione dall'Europa per la Manovra. [144] The resignation became effective on 2 December. Il veto di Ungheria e Polonia va superato, bisogna andare avanti con il recovery plan … La Classifica dei Leader", "Gentiloni sempre n.1 in sondaggio Ixé su fiducia leader, ma Di Maio...", "L'Italia di Gentiloni e quella di Salvini: lo strano derby del gradimento", "Italian PM Gentiloni's heart procedure completely successful: doctors", "Italy's New Prime Minister in Intensive Care After Emergency Heart Procedure", "Gentiloni : "Grazie dell'affetto, sto bene e presto torno al lavoro, Official page at the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Paolo_Gentiloni&oldid=994180628, Democracy is Freedom – The Daisy politicians, Articles with Italian-language sources (it), Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 December 2020, at 13:56. "Il Mes non spaventi". [37], However, Gentiloni was elected again to the Chamber of Deputies in the 2013 general election, as part of the centre-left coalition Italy. [99], In April 2017, he was invited to the White House by President Trump, where the two leaders discussed the serious crisis caused by the civil wars in Libya and Syria, the tensions with Vladimir Putin's Russia and their key partnership against the Islamic terrorism.[100][101]. "Il Patto Ue dopo Covid dovrà cambiare" Paolo Gentiloni a Sky TG24: "Recovery Fund grande occasione da cogliere" Mondo. While in office, Gentiloni built up a series of close relations with the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, based especially on commercial agreements regarding oil and offshore producing concessions. However Rutelli was soundly defeated by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with 35.1% of votes against 49.6%. Gentiloni set up good relations with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron. Paolo Gentiloni Silveri è nato a Roma il 22 novembre 1954 sotto il segno dello Scorpione. E con lui vanno giù duri Orfini, Camusso, Martina e tutta la sinistra", "Costruirò una alleanza per l'alternativa: ora dobbiamo cambiare tutte le face", "Pd, Gentiloni appoggia Zingaretti alla segreteria: "Coraggioso, è la maggiore novità, "Pd, Zingaretti: "C'è un'alternativa all'odio". [47], As Foreign Minister, Gentiloni had to confront various abductions of Italian citizens. Chiara Ferrara - 22 Novembre 2020 ULTIMO AGGIORNAMENTO 15:06. Gentiloni eletto president", "Italy's Government Collapses, Turning Chaos Into Crisis", "Italian PM resigns with attack on 'opportunist' Salvini", "Governo, Zingaretti: "I 5 punti per trattare con il M5S. WhatsApp. Collegio Roma Centro al voto in primavera, XVIII Legislatura – Deputati e Organi – Scheda deputato: Gentiloni Silveri Paolo, Gentiloni va in Ue e si dimette da deputato, l’ultimo saluto alla Camera: “Sarò patriota”, France’s freewheeling Thierry Breton rises to the crisis, "Paolo Gentiloni e il futuro dei cattolici in politica", "Unioni civili, pressing su Renzi, ma governo va avanti. [105] Gentiloni, later visited Qatar, where he met with the Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and visited the National Library of Qatar with Emir's consort, Moza bint Nasser. "Il Mes non spaventi". Paolo Gentiloni Silveri Conte di Filottrano Barone di Macerata Grandissimo Cavaliere Da Silva Ribeiro Serbelloni Mazzanti Vien Dal Mare, per gli amici Chi?, è un nobile, giornalista e politico italiano recentemente salito agli onori della cronaca per essere diventato la controfigura di Matteo Renzi Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri dopo Matteo Renzi.

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